They say anxious people

Have a head full of dreams

But let me tell you

Anxiety is not all what it seems

It’s not butterflies in your stomach

Or a rush of blood to your head

It’s a thousand pounding drums in your chest

The stuttering, muttering, mum bling

Of words your lips can’t expel

The beads of sweat breaking out on your brow

Then trickling down your cheek

Anxiety is desperately trying

To look strong when you’re undeniably weak

“I’m calm, I’m in control”

“I can do this” … No, no, no

“I’m not worthy at all”

And all between your

“what ifs”
You realize anxiety is just a thief

Stealing your joys, grinning slyly

As it jumps off your window

Breathe, breathe…

Every day you have a choice

Walk out of the house

Leaving your agitation by the door

Or collapse, curl up in a corner

And watch your teardrops splatter on the floor

Anxiety is not a flustered irritable being

It’s a person who may be worth knowing

A naked soul you wouldn’t blush when seeing

A heart wide open peeking through a trembling body

You can’t see all the quivering and shaking

You see, anxiety is often invisible

With all the colossal efforts a person is making

To stand tall, and say the right things

Which they often don’t, by the way

So if they choose to remain silent

Just know it’s for your own sake

It takes courage to love them

And more courage to keep this love awake

It’s hard work, confusing, perplexing,

But loving an anxious person may just be

the best mistake you’ll ever make


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